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Cooking is love made visible...

Road trips and exciting festivals in March

We are attending 3 festivals during March, all very well suited to the vegan message and lifestyle. We’ll be taking Ma Belle, our mobile vegan kitchen (food caravan). The first festival is SpiritFest, held at Somerset Gift is a pristine green farm and nature reserve just outside Swellendam.

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Little Red Bike wheels into The Hive

Much has happened since my last blog. For our loyal supporters who didn’t want to wait for Friday market at the Blue Bird, The Little Red Bike is now trading daily at The Hive. The Hive is such a nice environment to work from. We have a fantastic barista, Darren, and I dare say, he makes the best coffee in Muizenberg!

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Our First Streetopia with Ma Belle!

The big day arrived and we hitched up Ma Belle. We had our designated spot, and there it was, under two trees, yipeee! So up the pavement we went. Set her up and we were ready to trade.

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Mamma’s make-over!

Little Red Bike has grown! We now officially have our own mobile vegan kitchen and the journey has been so interesting, filled with times of frustration, laughs and fun.

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So we have taken the plunge!

The Little Red Bike has gone completely VEGAN! Being vegan is the best thing I have done in my life. I have never been a meat fan and have transitioned over the years to vegetarianism. However, I felt the pull towards becoming fully vegan. I could not say I care about...

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