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Our First Streetopia with Ma Belle!

Our grade debut!

The big day arrived and we hitched up Ma Belle. We had our designated spot, and there it was, under two trees, yipeee! So up the pavement we went. Set her up and we were ready to trade. Only to find out 10 minutes later we were in the wrong spot and so began the hitching, moving and setting up again. So rewind and tadaaa!!! We were ready to trade.

By the way, I might add, the night before the big day, we were still working untill about 12 pm. During the offloading of tools and such, a rather nasty person decided to smash dear Hennie’s window and steal my laptop, but, as they say in showbiz, “the show must go on!”

The flaps were opened and I started prepping the food. On the menu were roti’s served with homemade humus, tri-coloured salad, my corn fritters, crispy onion, red cabbage and roasted seed. Rough cut chips and vegan mayo. Vegan crumpets, served with blueberry reduction and coconut cream. Last but not least, my raw, chocolate brownie bars.

I needed to make the humus and Hennie had a generator all ready to power the blender. Only problem was, it didn’t want to start. Two hours in and the prep all done saw a hot and sweaty Hennie who had by now attracted a lot of attention and lost all sense of humour, trying to “fix” the generator. Not surprisingly the stubborn generator did not appreciate the attentions of a web developer, security guard and bar tender and refused to start. I was told the generator was a no go. What now? So we came up with plan B. Across the road was a wonderful restaurant called Rust and the dear owner, Adrian, said I could bring my blender over and blend a batch of humus. I toodeled across the busy street in my apron, dodging cars, carrying my blender, red faced and apologetic. Between Hennie and I we needed to do this several times. Needless to say we bought some beverages from Rust to show our appreciation. Rust has a lovely vibe and is run by an amazing team. I can definitely recommend it. Anyhoo, the rest as they say, is history. We met some amazing people. Dylan Barsby from the South African Vegan Society (SAVS) and his lovely girlfriend Michelle came to see us and sample our fare. Some more colourful characters also popped in like Jenny Chadwick from”The Talking Tree”, colourful Sven (Vegans of Africa) and Andi (Vegan Girl Cycling).


Making memories

A memorable first event for dear Ma Belle and her crew! We can’t wait to be back next year. This is such a wonderful festival and it is affiliated to Afrika Burn. The event was well organised and they make full use of the homeless on the day, allocating them jobs. May I add, they did well and were friendly and helpful. There was a crew allocated to clean up and they spent the whole day picking up trash. The streets were spotless when we packed up to go.


Like and subscribe to see where Ma Belle and team will be next. Love and good vegan vibes, Donyale

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