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Mamma’s make-over!

Mama’s before

Little Red Bike has grown! We now officially have our own mobile vegan kitchen and the journey has been so interesting, filled with times of frustration, laughs and fun. We set our eyes on a retro Jurgens caravan and after a few months of scrimping and saving she was ours!  She was grimy, and needed a lot of TLC. Her name was mama’s kitchen and had some hectic pictures of people eating hot dogs. To be honest they bordered on phallic. Not Vegan friendly! My daughter and her husband came to our aid and with my partner Hennie we descended on mamma and boy she did not relent easily. Those pictures (my daughter Tamaryn helped to peel off, excuse the pun) didn’t want to budge!  We kinda thought, “what have we gotten ourselves into?”

Phase two of the make over!

Our first day was all about cleaning. The men set about fixing the tow bar. Us girls scrubbed and de-phaliced” the outside. After pulling off the back window sticker we discovered that the perspex window was broken. So she needed a new “eye”. Well, by the end of that day she was clean and very naked. Over the next few weeks we set about some minor and major  repairs. Finding a safe home (parking) for our dear mamma was of utmost importance. Hennie eventually found a safe place for her. I had designed the logo for Little Red Bike. The history behind the logo is that as a young teenager, all I wanted was a bike for Christmas. It took a year and one beautiful picture by David Hamilton” two girls and a bike”, to keep me motivated. Then the happy day arrived. I woke on my birthday to see the most beautiful red bicycle on the lawn. I loved that bike and it floods my mind with wonderful memories. The doggy in the basket is my dear dog Baby (Jack Russel crossed with a Maltese). She is the most precious, clever and quirky dog you can imagine. Like her mum… lol. So that is the low down behind the logo. My darling daughter, who is a talented digital artist (see Tamaryn May on Instagram) studying psychology, filled in the colour. We called on her again to do a mock up on the caravan before we branded mamma.

The grande finale!

Before we could put on her new dress we had to scrub her down to the bare metal. We also had to paint the inside and put up lights and fix the fridge. That was another story. The fridge, we were told, would never work and we should get rid of it. We got a second opinion, and on advice alone we were told to turn the fridge upside down as the cooling agent turns to sludge after standing for a while. We did so three times and hey presto! It worked and our fridge hums nicely. We had the help of a super chap called Trevor who painted the inside and scrubbed her down and sanded the outside. The big day arrived for her new dress to be put on. My darling son in-law Ross had prepared a space for us to work. He and Hennie worked tirelessly to spraypaint her new outfit on. I helped where I could, painting on the red, taping off areas, and cleaning. We started that morning at 10 and ended at 10 that evening. 12 Hours straight. We had no choice, as her unveiling was Streetopia in Observetoy the following weekend. She looked amazing when we were done. Next came the decals and she was ready! No more a mamma but a miss again. She looked super sexy, fresh and young… kind of French and so we named her Ma Belle which means my beautiful. The big day arrived and we hooked her up. We received some amazing compliments from complete strangers when we stopped en-route.

My next post will be of the day itself. Like and subscribe to see where Ma Belle and team will be next. Love and good vegan vibes, Donyale

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