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Meet us at the markets around Cape Town!

The Little Red Bike team has been working at markets around Cape Town and we hope to see you at the next market which will be the Noordhoek Farm Village market, Wedneday 26 July, from 4pm, featuring the usual fantastic food as well as live music by the lovely Ashleigh Pitchen.

Some news about recent markets we’ve been to…

Little Red Bike parks off at the Palms

We encountered another cold and rainy day at the Palms, but the atmosphere was super warm and cosy. Wine, beer and good music. The muso this Saturday was Gerry Liberty, what amazing talent! Our wildcard meal was Koshari, Egyptian street food. A yummy, healthy tasty vegetarian meal.


Red bike returns to the Noordhoek Farm Village

Market at Noordhoek Farm Village, a cold and windy night with a little rain. A big shout out to all the brave souls who ventured out that night. It was so full. Great singing by Keegan Williams. I am now serving my peanut butter, chocolate, cheesecake bomb in sugar cones. Debbie from Food Barn said she wouldn’t finish it and returned to say she ate it all 🙂 Delicious!

The wild card dish was to layer your own. It is really good. It caters for all tastes, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or dairy free. And of course the meat eaters.


Girls go to the palms

My darling daughter Jenna joined us at the Palms last Saturday. It was a beautiful sunny day. Mike brought his Labrador with and she was taken off his hands but a sweet little girl, who, like Mike, also seems to be part of the Palms. She made sure he got lots to eat 🙂 Our pudding sold out! The music by Newton & Co was excellent. We had a lovely glass of Robin Hood red. Yummy! The MCC by Four Paws Wines is also excellent. Can’t wait to go back.


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