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The Oppression of Animals – The Gateway Drug to the Oppression of Humans

The statement “…the oppression of animals is the gateway drug to the oppression of humans…” has had a profound effect on me. It was a comment made in the documentary “Vegan 2017”. Take a moment to reflect on that statement.

We need to take our health and the choices we make into our own hands. It is our duty to question the authorities who dictate what a healthy diet consists of. The evidence is overwhelming. A meat and dairy diet is the number one cause of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The consumption of meat and dairy can also lead to cancer, but apart from that, there is this idea that we are the superior race and animals were put on this earth for our exclusive use. When will people realise that we are all one? When one species suffers it impacts on us all as humans on this earth. We are causing untold harm to the environment and to our bodies. The animals being consumed are sentient beings. They have emotions such as pain, suffering, love and joy. We cannot condone such large scale abuse of the rights of a species just because we feel we are superior. Not only would embracing a plant-based diet improve the environment, it will improve our health and in turn we would become calmer, kinder beings. We have one body, one mind, one chance and one planet. How can we, with a clear conscience, pass on the chaos that we have been a part of creating, to the next generation?

Often people feel the task is too great to accomplish on their own, however, we can be the catalyst that starts something greater than ourselves. We can embrace this time – this moment – and make a difference! I salute everyone out there who is campaigning for awareness, for a better future for our planet and those campaigning for the rights of all living things. Don’t be brainwashed; read, question and educate yourself. Watch the numerous documentaries out there and arm yourself with knowledge. Look at the industries and what they are doing. We shouldn’t have the mentality of, ‘what the eye does not see the heart cannot grieve’. I say grieve, I say see, I say be the example. Look at the faces and lives of those who embrace a plant-based diet and tell me they don’t epitomise high energy and good vibrations.

For more inspiration and information watch documentaries like: What The Health, Cowspiracy, Vegan 2017, Earthlings, etc.

Make the difference, starting with yourself!


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